Calendar Events

Thanks for visiting our calendar. We're still putting the final touches on this page but for now you can see all our upcoming events on our Events Registration Page NATSIHWA invites you to keep up to date with various events being held across the country to attend either for professional development and/or networking with other health professionals. We update this calendar regularly as the information is given to us as either an invite to attend or to advise our members, associates and friends to put into your diaries as well. NATSIHWA often is seen to be advocating for Health Workers & Practitioners at conferences and events either in a booth or speaking depending on the event itself. We are more than happy to attend an event and speak about the value and position of Aboriginal Health Workers & Practitioners workforce so feel free to advise us of opportunities that may be of value to your organisation. Also keep an eye on our Forum dates and register to attend by going to our Events Registration page.